With our Merchant Referral Program, your customers will receive preferred pricing with no hidden fees or added costs, unparalleled customer service and best-in-class payment processing solutions.



  • Receive a dedicated XTP Payments sales representative to sign referrals, provide marketing collateral, consult on driving referral business, resolve merchant issues and attend branch meetings.

  • Be supported by a merchant services team whose primary responsibility is working with bank regions and branches to grow the program and serve as escalation point for unresolved issues.

  • Receive general and/or industry-specific marketing collateral to provide a program overview, explain the program benefits, products/services available and more

How Does the

Program Work?

  1. Identify Prospective Customers (any B2C or B2B customer that accepts credit cards is a potential candidate for the program).
  2. The lead is passed to XTP Payments for initial underwriting review of the potential merchant.
  3. A XTP Payments representative either approves or declines the merchant.
  4. Our joint customer is set up for merchant processing by XTP Payments.

Easy As…

  1. Introduce the Program
    Provide a high-level overview of the program for prospective customers and use marketing collateral to solidify the message.

  2. Pre-Qualify the Referral
    Ask the customer a few simple questions to speed up the signing process for the XTP Payments sales team. You will be asked to provide the answers to these questions in the next step of the process.

  3. Submit the Lead
    Submit the information through our easy-to-use referral site.